Case Studies

Read more about how New Horizons Dental Lab partners with doctors to make all cases run smoothly from start to finish, resulting in total doctor-patient satisfaction.

Case Study: Day of Surgery Chairside Assistance

Full-arch restorations/All-on-4 cases can be complicated and takes months to complete. New Horizons skilled technicians are there with you every step of the way from planning the case to completion. We ensure this lengthy process goes as smoothly as possible by providing individualized attention and partnering with you by assisting chairside on the day of surgery. 

Patient: Late 40s male  

Doctor/Practice: Dr. Kari Amick and Dr. Benjamin Howard

The Case: Patient required an upper All-on-4 surgery.

How NHDL Helped: NHDL was chairside during the patient’s surgery to assist however needed. Additionally, NHDL converted the previously made denture into a provisional denture (interim prosthesis) for the patient to use during healing. After the patient is fully healed, NHDL will continue to work with Drs. Amick and Howard until the final prosthesis is completed. 

Why This Case Matters:  We provided personalized service that empowered Dr. Amick to complete this kind of work, with our assistance. The case exemplifies the partnership that NHDL creates with the doctor.




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